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Taste Exchange, gastronomic events and marketing


Stylish, original and fun food and drink events - from intimate home tastings to brand promotions and corporate events on a grand scale.


Learn about wine in a friendly environment. See the calendar for upcoming tastings in Madrid.


From defining your export strategy to creating a story for the media and presenting yourself to consumers.


Translation of menus, wine lists, press releases, wine descriptions and other materials from Spanish and French into English.

About me

Lover of Spanish gastronomy, I´ve spent the last 12 years carving myself a niche in wine and spirit marketing in London and Madrid.
I founded Taste Exchange to bridge the gap between the wealth of food and drink products that Spain has to offer and the English - speaking world.
It offers a unique range of gastronomic experiences and events in English as well as services for wineries and catering professionals looking to perfect their sales technique and marketing materials in English.

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Soy el tipo de #winelover que se quejaría si me sirvieran un vino en una copa así

¿De verdad hace falta una copa para cada vino? vía @spanish_wl @riedel_es

A ver si es tan fuerte como las ciruelas en aguardiente. ¡Casi me mataste con ellas!

¿Porqué no? Vino en botellas estilo cerveza artesanal en @AldiUK . ¿Quién será el primero a hacerlo en España?

It's one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. Will be interesting to see how it sells...

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Taste Exchange
Taste Exchange shared Codorníu's video.
So glad to see a decent wine advert for once! And one that talks about celebration and enjoyment - the moment of service, rather than barrels and corks! (and of course, being an Anna...) Do you identify with it?

Me alegra ver un anuncio de vino que habla del momento de servicio, de celebración y disfrute y no de barricas y corchos... Y como me llamo Anna... ¿A ti te gusta? ¿Te identificas?
Taste Exchange
Por las cosas buenas que vendrán, porque "Algo Maravilloso Va A Pasar” con Codorníu y Leonor Watling
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Taste Exchange
Taste Exchange
Tasting for international corporate group in association with Dinastia Vivanco in Restaurante Normandie Ondarreta
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Taste Exchange
Taste Exchange shared Two Birds Languages's photo.
Photos from my last tasting with Two Birds Languages
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Taste Exchange
Taste Exchange
Did you know "the perfect boyfriend" is actually a wine? "El novio perfecto" is one of the wines we'll be tasting in my next wine tasting for English learners and natives. We'll be looking at white wines with a focus on sweetness, acidity and body. What do these terms mean? How can you identify them?
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Taste Exchange
Taste Exchange shared El Hervidero de Ideas's photo.
Come to Cocomarket en El Hervidero de Ideas for a wine tasting in English of different Spanish wines from Viajes de un Catador, this Friday at 7pm.
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